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Tue Sep 21, 2021
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 DVL2-FS Digital Voice Logger
Product Description
The DVL2-FS is an 8 to 256 channel Digital Logger and Voice Recorder. It can be used with:
Digital and Analog Telephone Recording
Configurable capacity of 4 256 channels
POTS Telephone Line
T1/E1 Recording
VoIP Recording
Microphone recording
Mobile Recording
Digital PBX extensions and ISDN
This unit is designed for military, intelligence and public service audio recording.
Self contained stand alone digital system (rack mountable)
4U Rack Mount/ 19"
7" LCD Flat Panel Monitor
Full Size Keyboard and Trackball
Dual SATA Serial ATA ARCHIVAL hard Drive - hot swappable
33,000 hours storage (active HD) and minimum of 33,000 hours storage on the archival SATA drive
Larger HDs available up to 3Tb
MPEG compression- non proprietary
FREE JEI Pro search and playback software
Local network access
Windows 7 and XP
Dual Hot Swappable SATA Archive System
Solid State HD availability
Selectable compression for file size management
Automatic Date and Time stamps
JEI Professional search and playback software
80,000 voice hour capacity and up
80GB HD up to 3Tb available
1x200 (1K)
Ordering Information
Where to Buy
GSA number
DVL2-FS (10K)


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