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Tue Sep 21, 2021
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 PB200 Communications Logging Recorder
Product Description
The JEI Model PB200 is an analog cassette playback companion to the JEI 804C Communications Recorder. The PB200 is rack mountable along with the optional 204 Time Log unit for reading the date and time stamping of the recordings.
This unit is designed for the playback of tapes recorded on the 804C.
1.The PB200 uses standard audio cassettes.
2.Pushbutton Instant Recall of last 15 or 30 seconds of recorded conversations.
Outputs:Speaker and Headphones
Controls:Push buttons for player controls,
level controls for speaker and headphone outputs.
Stock - 115VAC is standard. 220VAC, 12 or 24VDC option available
Custom - contact JEI for special requirements.
Spec Sheet
Operators Manual
1x200 (1K)
Ordering Information
Where to Buy
JEI Model PB200C
GSA number
(with Time Log unit)
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