Many of the standard JEI products have started out as custom designs for a single customer.  And many of our standard products have been customized for our customers’ needs.  Our standard product line of Communications Recording Systems, Voice Logging Recorders, Speaker Panels and Audio Products requires expertise in analog and digital electronic circuits, software and database programming, and electronic packaging.

If you need a customized version of one of our products, call us at (1-888-677-2844) or send us an email thru our Contact page.  And if it’s not an audio product you need but some other special electronic hardware need, call us anyway.  One of our most recent custom products was the PD-USB-32 which is a burn-in rack for Intel’s USB Storage / Flash memory devices.

Basic types of JEI audio equipment:

Line AmplifiersOne line level input going to an amplifier driving one line level output. Called a buffer amp if the input and output levels are the same.
Microphone AmplifiersOne to one like Line amplifiers except much more gain because microphones generate very small signals.
Distribution AmplifiersOne input to an amplifier that drives more than one output, usually line level in and out. Gain options are unity with no controls and variable with just an input control or with output level controls also.
Mixers / Summing AmplifiersTwo or more inputs that are mixed or summed together to a single output. Used for monitoring more than one channel at a time, mixing signals from more than one source or microphone. Gain options are unity gain mixing, variable gain on the output, or variable gain on each input.