MagShoe™ M-100 3G2 Series Detection Unit

Product Description

The MagShoe™ is a patented in-shoe Metal Detector designed to detect concealed Weapons in shoes and around ankles.

The 3G Series features improved sensors and detection algorithms, higher detection range, on-board LED displays for scan results and user information. The 3G series connects to the MagShoe™ centralized Network Management and Control System; the NMC-3.
The 3G/2 model complies with the unique detection requirements of the HLS market ( i.e. detection of blasting-cup or other detonation apparatus, small ammunition, electrical wires, etc.)

MagShoe™ 3G/2 Features Detection height of 20cm (7.9″) from sole

MagShoe3G-2WithRails (32K)Other Features

  • Rapid scan time 2 sec per check
  • Low false alarm rate
  • Preconfigured threshold setting
  • Manual threshold setting
  • Back-up battery
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Small footprint
  • Low maintenance

Part Numbers
SR-100 ( UL )