204B Time Log

Product Description

The 204B Time Log generates time code for recording on voice recorders and reads the time code on playback and displays it. The Time Log is a companion unit for the 804C Communications Recorder. It supports up to 10 recorders. It generates and reads time codes for time verification of recorded conversations.


The 204B Time Log is for use wherever an 804C is deployed.


NI-CAD battery provides time keeping power for a minimum of 8 hours. Battery re-charges when AC power in on.

9-digit LED display shows date in 3-digit Julian calendar format and time in 24-hour military format.

A key operated switch provides easy time setting and prevents adjusting of time by unauthorized personnel which is required for use in court.


  • Input/Output: Dedicated 9-pin jumper to 804C
  • Controls: Key-operated switch for setting the time


115VAC is standard. 220VAC, 12 or 24VDC options available
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