805C Cassette Recorder

Product Description

The JEI Model 805C is a compact, half-rack width, standard speed analog cassette voice logging recorder. It can be connected to two-way radio and telephone systems thru JEI line interfaces to record voice communications. Two 805C Recorders can be mounted side by side in a rack or one 805C with one AP-109 or AP-118 Audio Switching Panel.


This unit is designed for radio and telephone communications recording. The 805C is equally effective in commercial and military/security installations.


Two voice activated (VOX) or manually operated channels.
Uses standard audio cassettes.
RS-232 computer control.


  • Inputs: Two interface cables for JEI interface units
  • Outputs: Speaker and Headphones
  • Controls: Push buttons for recorder controls; Level controls for speaker and headphone outputs


  • 120 VAC standard. Optional 220VAC and 12VDC power
  • 1-second audio delay.
  • Footswitch for transcribing.
Contact JEI for special requirements.