804CN Cassette Recorder

Product Description

The JEI 804CN is a standard speed analog cassette voice logging recorder. It can be connected to two-way radio and telephone systems thru JEI line interfaces to record voice communications. The 804CN Recorder is rack mountable.


This unit is designed for radio and telephone communications recording. The features on the 804CN have been most often utilized for security, surveillance, and military activities.


Two voice activated (VOX) or manually operated/controlled channels
Uses standard audio cassettes


  • Inputs: BNC and Cinch 6-pin for connection to JEI Line Interfaces
  • Controls: Push buttons for recorder controls; Level controls for speaker and headphone outputs


  • One second audio delay on inputs signals (Option -1)
  • Front panel VOX sensitivity control (Option 4)
  • 155 VAC is standard. 220VAC, 12 or 24VDC options available
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