DCR-X Mobile Recording

Product Description

2 – 24 Channel Recording Capability
DCR-X Series is designed for applications that require full feature recording to fit into a space-confined area. Excellent for Mobile Command applications.


This unit is designed for military, intelligence and public service audio recording.


  • Rugged steel chassis
  • Available configured in 2 Channel increments up to 24 channels (“-X” indicates channel count).
  • Analog Signal Inputs
  • 115 VAC, or 12 VDC for Mobile Operations
  • Simple Play/Record Control Panel
  • Simple Access to Recording Files
  • Archive Files on the LAN or CD-RW
  • Compression Algorithm: MP3
  • Simultaneous Recording, Playback or Monitoring
  • Balanced Mic/Line inputs
  • Output Connectors: RJ11 (Others as Requested)