DVL2-GS Digital Voice Logger

Product Description

The DVL2-GS is an 8 to 256 channel Digital Logger and Voice Recorder. It can be used with:
Digital and Analog Telephone Recording
Configurable capacity of 4 to 256 channels
POTS Telephone Line
T1/E1 Recording
VoIP Recording
Microphone recording
Mobile Recording
Digital PBX extensions and ISDN


This unit is designed for military, intelligence and public service audio recording.


  • Self-contained, stand-alone digital system (rack mountable)
  • 4U Rack Mount/ 19″
  • 7″ LCD Flat Panel Monitor
  • Full Size Keyboard and Trackball
  • Dual SATA Serial ATA ARCHIVAL hard Drive – hot swappable
  • 33,000 hours storage (active HD) and minimum of 33,000 hours storage on the archival SATA drive
  • Larger HDs available up to 3Tb
  • MPEG compression- non proprietary
  • FREE JEI Pro search and playback software
  • Local network access
  • Dual Hot Swappable SATA Archive System
  • Solid State HD availability
  • Selectable compression for file size management
  • Automatic Date and Time stamps
  • JEI Professional search and playback software
  • 80,000 voice hour capacity and up
  • 80GB HD up to 3Tb available