DVLC-GS Digital Voice Logger

Product Description

The DVL-GS Logging System is a multiple channel automatic audio recording platform designed for maximum performance and flexibility. The JEI recording software supports from 8 to 64 channels of simultaneous, multi-channel recording from any combination of analog or digital telephone or radio lines.  The system can passively tap most major PBX Switches for direct connection to individual extensions.  The recorder can be configured to connect to most VOIP Telephone Systems via handset extension, IP address or MAC address.


This unit is designed for military, intelligence and public service audio recording.


  • Records telephone, radio and microphone signals
  • Voice Activated or Manual Recording
  • Real Time Monitoring and Playback
  • Native MP3 Compression Algorithm (No Conversions)
  • Saves recordings initially to solid state hard drive- Copies to Archive Drive
  • Archives to Removable Hot Swap SATA Drive Array (2 drives)
  • Remote Access via LAN & WAN with Client Software (TCP/IP)


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