DVLM-GS Digital Voice Logger

Product Description

The DVLM-GS is designed to meet the Navy’s harshest environmental requirements for shipborne operations. It is a 3U 19” Rack Mount multi- channel automatic audio recording platform designed for maximum performance and flexibility.  The JEI recording software supports from 8 to 160 channels of simultaneous, multi-channel recording from almost any combination of analog or digital telephone or radio lines.


This unit is designed for military, intelligence and public service audio recording in harsh environments.


  • Records analog telephone, radio and microphone signals
  • System plays back while recording
  • Voice Activated or Manual Recording
  • Real Time Monitoring and Playback
  • Native MP3 Compression Algorithm (No Conversions)
  • Archives to Removable Hot Swappable SATA Drive (2nd Drive)
  • Remote Access via LAN & WAN with Client Software (TCP/IP)
  • Remote Administration via LAN


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